Our new service, Online-Design, is a fast, fun way for you to work with us without having to commit to the full design service. All of our shopping is done online and sent to you as a shopping list, so you can order those perfect pieces at your own pace.

The design fee for our Online-Design service varies based on the space and starts as low as $900.

Let us walk you through the E-Design process. We want you to feel comfortable along the way and know exactly what to submit and what to expect. Our goal is to provide you access to our professional design and access to our extensive resources within an affordable budget. Delivering a generic design is easy, and we have seen many out there, but putting together a room that is unique, beautiful, and reflects your style and personality—full of texture and depth—takes time and effort.

Let us know as much as possible about you, your style, and your space so we can help you achieve the desired look.


Click here to complete the questionnaire.

  1. Select the room you would like e-designed.
  2. Create a sketch of the room with measurements.
  3. Take photos of walls, ceilings, floors and any items you would like to keep.
  4. Attach links or photos of your style.
  5. Submit payment
  6. Relax and let us design your space.

Now that we have all the information about your space, your style, your budget, and your preferences—let’s move to the fun part!


Our design process will provide you with two Style Boards, a personalized Design Board, A Floor Plan, and a Shopping List.


If you’re not a fan of the rug we selected, no problem; one round of revisions is included. If you are in love with each item on the Design Board, we will integrate all the pieces into a scaled floor plan so you know exactly how to place the item. Additionally, you will receive a shopping list for each piece that you can easily order from us or online.



  • Living Room $2,600

  • Family Room $2,100

  • Master Bedroom $1,600

  • Kids/Guest Room $1,300

  • Office/Library $1,100

  • Dining Room $1,100

  • Bar Area $1,200

  • Foyer $900

  • Screened Room/Patio $1,200


All pricing is based on styling and sourcing for each individual space under 1,000 sq.ft. If your room is larger, please contact us for a custom quote. Speaking of custom, if you have any construction projects such as a kitchen or bathroom you’d like designed from scratch, we can help you with planning, selecting everything from cabinetry to hardware, lighting and more.


Please contact us for an accurate quote at info@conceptdesignoc.com

E-Design Services